Date(s) - 04/01/2017
7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Mitchell Field Indoor Sports Complex
Uniondale NY



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If you ever thought about competing but talked yourself out of it for any number of reasons, or you are just looking for a competition that you can crush on your level, then look no further…

3 Rounds for Time presents WODStock – A thrilling event for the Novice, Scaled, and Intermediate Athlete. Start your team of 3 Male or a team of 3 Female today!

***Registration Price Reflects Team Price. There will be no refunds for this event.

3 Rounds for Time goal is to design, organize and delivers the best competition events that are fair and more importantly fun!!!

Take a look at some of the descriptions below. If you are qualify in the majority in the bullets below then you should chose that category.


If you are somewhere around this level you should consider competing as a BEGINNER

  • If you use bands for pull ups
  • 1-rep max deadlift is less than 250/175 (Male/Female)
  • Mile run is over 10 minutes or have no idea
  • 2000-meter row is over 10 minutes (Male) or 11 minutes (Female)
  • Can’t do double unders consistently
  • Doesn’t have toes to bar yet but can do hanging knee raises
  • If you are new to CrossFit and have been doing it for less than a year


Has been doing CrossFit for over a year. Maybe has competed once or twice

  • Can string between 5 to 10 double unders then trips and curses.
  • 1 rep max deadlift is less than 350/250 {Male/Female)
  • Mile run is between 9 – 10 minutes (Male) 10-12 (Female)
  • Starting to get kipping pull up and do 3-5
  • Getting toes to bar and possibly stringing multiples


The intermediate athlete covers the most broad range of athletes. Been doing CrossFit for over a year, Loves it, Loves competing. Would prefer not to compete with regional or close to regional level athletes

  • Can string double unders
  • Can kip or butterfly pullups
  • Form may not be perfect but can Snatch, squat clean power clean
  • If you know most of the abbreviations on the board. OHS, HSPU, DL DU
  • Can string toes to bar up to 10
  • Will say something like “I did a 15 min amrap” to someone who knows nothing about


  • Knows who Fran, Karen, Grace and Helen are. And always looking to improve your time

STANDARDS below only indicates some of the possible movements and requirements and are just a guideline in developing your team. It is not necessary that all members of the team be required to do these movements or the specific weights. As well, some of the movements and requirements are subject to change within moderate levels.

Main Strengths
Deadlift – 225/185
Snatch 135/115
Clean – 185/135

Shoulder to Overhead – 165/115
Front Squats – 185/155
Back Squats – 205/165

Additional Skills / Gymnastics
Double Unders
Pull Ups
Toes to Bar
Wall Balls – 20/14
Box Jumps – 30/24
KB Swings – 53/45
KB Snatch – 45/35

Sit Ups

Ring Rows

Main Strengths
Deadlift – 185/155
Snatch – 115/95
Clean – 165/115

Shoulder to Overhead – 135/95
Front Squats – 165/135
Back Squats – 185/155

Additional Skills / Gymnastics
Double Unders
Pull Ups
Knee to Elbow
Wall Balls – 14/12
Box Jumps – 24/20
KB Swings – 53/45
KB Snatch – 45/35

Sit Ups

Ring Rows

Deadlift – 155/135
Snatch 95/65
Clean – 135/95

Shoulder to Overhead – 115/75
Front Squats – 135/115
Back Squats – 165/135

Additional Skills / Gymnastics
Single Unders
Knee Above Waist
Wall Balls – 14/10
Box Jumps – 24/20
KB Swings – 45/35
KB Snatch – 35/25

Sit Ups

Ring Rows


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