Beginners Luck!

Date(s) - 03/11/2017
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Grid Crossfit
Brookfield WI



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Not doing the Crossfit Open? Afraid of competing in Crossfit ? Here is your chance. This competition is for SCALED AND NOVICE only. All ELITE and RX should be doing the Open. . We really want to encourage all of you out there who are new to Crossfit or who are afraid of the big competitions. The majority of these competitions have a scaled division but it can be scary and intimidating. This is for you!! You are as important to the Crossfit community as all the Elite and Rx athletes

This competition is for same sex teams…prizes will be rewarded to the top 2 teams in each group (malegroup/ female group ) and each division (scaled and novice)
Each team (over 21 years of age) will be given 2 tickets for a early St.Patricks day beer !


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