We should all be practicing simple mind training. We work on our strength and skills every day, but do we work on our mind?  We know we need a strong mind if we want to become better athletes. Sometimes people let their mental wellness be just a beneficial outcome of working out and taking care of their body.

What if we are not in a working out mood, if we feel frustrated practicing a difficult skill or if we feel stressed about something that happened at work, or are just having a bad day?  We then feel bad about ourselves and think that we are not good at something. What are we supposed to do then? We have a life outside the box and it affects our training, so everything has to stay balanced.

An option is to wait for the problem to go away, but that is like doing nothing about the “injury” in your mind. Doing nothing to confront those feelings will make our mind trick us in the future. Another day will come when our mind will tell us, during a difficult workout, that we cannot do it, that it is too hard, and soon we will stop trying to overcome those obstacles. It will be so easy to convince ourselves that this is how things are and it will be hard to get out of that mindset.

We have to stop that thinking process as soon as we become aware of it.

Let’s practice a new habit: think of and list all the positive things that are good in your life. Try to think about how far you’ve come, think about all the times you were strong and used your mind to focus on what you are good at and that led to learning new ways of getting out of difficult situations. Be kind to yourself, do not repeat to yourself all the things you cannot do right now, do the exact opposite and take action! Can you imagine all you could do if your mind trusted everything your body is able to do?


By Karina Estremadoyro: Karina is a life and sports coach and consultant. She is a Gold medalist in different powerlifting championships in Peru and 3rd place in the 2005 Latin America Championship. She is also a certified translator and interpreter and a passionate CrossFitter.

Twitter:@karinameb  Instagram: karinameb  Blog: sportyjedi.blogspot.com

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