I listen to more podcasts than I care to admit. I used to binge watch Netflix, but now I’m a podcast junkie. The downside is sometimes, I learn so much and don’t know what to do with all the information. Of course, I listen to Barbell Business. I’m also a fan of WODcast Podcast, Barbell Shrugged, and GirlsGoneWOD, just to name a few. However, the business category is my go-to because of my business brain. Here are some of my favs. Feel free to share yours.

  1. Build Your Tribe – Chalene Johnson. Chalene has been in the fitness industry for years, but that’s not why I listen. In my book, she’s the queen of droppin’ value bombs that you can use immediately in your business. The girl’s got a sense of humor, contagious energy and she keeps it real. If you want to stay ahead of the social media trends like Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, and so on, Build Your Tribe is a must!
  2. The Art of Likeability – Arel Moodie. At first, he comes off kind of goofy, but that’s real energy he’s bringing. Arel gives you quick and succinct communication tips that make you want to attend every party in town and take action. This is great for introverts, like me.
  3. Entrepreneur On Fire (EOFire) – John Lee Dumas (JLD). Anyone who thinks entrepreneurs live without struggle is clueless. JLD gets to the nitty gritty as he interviews top CEOs and provides his insight. His interview style is impressive because he digs deep for the details. He knows the questions YOU want answers to. He also doesn’t let anyone get away with “my weakness is also my strength”…bullshit! The best thing about this podcast is JDL produces his show seven days a week!
  4. GenX Amplified – Adrion Porter. With his silky smooth voice, perfect for hosting a radio show with songs for lovemaking, Adrion speaks to the Generation X entrepreneur, about 35-50 year old. But don’t get hung up on the age range because it depends on the source. If you grew up in the era of MTV, Y2K, PDAs and Blackberrys, hip hop, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, like I did, then you need to check him and his inspirational guest out.
  5. The Mentee – Geoff Woods. Do you have a mentor? Are you a member of a mastermind group? Listen to Geoff’s conversations and be a fly on the wall as he talks to some brilliant minds that will motivate you to want so much more out of life. Geoff is all about changing your mindset.
  6. Marketing Moxie – Maggie Patterson. The quirky Canadian keeps it short, sweet and potent with her marketing and PR tips. I’m a marketing geek, so this show really resonates with me.
  7. Social Media Examiner – Michael Stelzner. The authority on social media trends. What I love is in each episode he shares a “new discovery” – information about a useful productivity tool. This is how I learned about the features of Google Photos. Did you know you could type “car” in the search bar and Google Photos will pull up all photos with a car in it? Amazing!
  8. BizChix – Natalie Eckdahl. As the name suggests, the podcast targets female entrepreneurs. However, the experiences are universal. What I love about this podcast is, Natalie has recently changed the format. She’s doing a small business reality series where she does one-on-one coaching sessions on air. These women share vulnerabilities that prove you are not alone in your struggles.

These podcasts appeal to me because I love the business side of fitness.

What do you prefer most – coaching or business operations?

ddupree1About the Author

Danielle Dupree owned a personal training business, but really, the business owned her.  Working IN the business more than she was working ON her business. She believes if you want to grow your fitness business, you must run your business.  Don’t let the business run you.  Now she helps CrossFit affiliate owners learn from her mistakes by creating offline and online strategies so they can worry less about marketing and make more money changing lives. Check out her blog at  www.gymcreations.com.

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