The fear of failure can be paralyzing sometimes. As children we all had dreams and aspirations to become fireman, astronauts, doctors or even the President of the United States of America. As we grow older and become scared from the world around us we allow our dreams and aspirations to be stripped away from us. “It’s impossible to achieve those dreams, they are to big.” Incorrect! In the world we live in there are people everyday who set a goal to chase that childhood dream. I can admit fully that the world can beat us down, grind you up, and spit you out if you allow it to happen.

So, you gave up on a dream, what now? I can tell you that it is never to late to begin a new journey, Set a new goal, or dream a new dream. It will take some courage to step out from the comfort of the shade you’ve been under for so long, but it is something you can absolutely do.

So where so I start? Well, what are you passionate about? What is something you want to do? Start a business? Regardless of what it is, we start by gaining little victories. Rebuilding our confidence in our abilities to achieve something like this is sometimes a difficult blockade to maneuver around. As you build your confidence, surround your self with likeminded individuals. Lions like to be around lions, and warriors like to be with other warriors. Build the network of influential and supportive individuals that can help you ferret out your ideas and be a soundboard as you begin to figure things out.

No roads are paved with gold. It’s never easy, and if it were it wouldn’t be near as rewarding when you achieve all the little victories along the journey. Plan out your path, and get started. You’ll be surprised what you will be able to accomplish with a little laser focus and some intensity.


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