Dictionary.com defines a rut as: a fixed or established mode of procedure or course of life, usually dull or unpromising. I’m in a CrossFit rut.

I can even provide you proof of said rut.  I’m sitting in a café right now writing this blog and drinking coffee when I should be at my box doing a WOD. If that doesn’t prove it, I’m not sure what will. I just don’t have my CrossFit spark.

I know people go through all sorts of peaks and valleys with CrossFit. There are times when you just LOVE it. PR’s come easily. New skills are acquired quickly.  And then, there are those times when you wish you were one of those people who could just hop mindlessly on the treadmill at the local globo gym never having experienced the feeling of a clean and jerk PR.

But, right now, it’s not that my love of CrossFit is waning. I do love CrossFit. Truly. I know all of the good things it has brought me. Strength. Friends. Endurance. Laughter. Patience.

So why the rut? Is it because I haven’t had any remarkable PR’s lately? Is it because I’m moving in a few weeks and I’m worried about finding a new box? What is going on? Why don’t I want to head to the box?

And really, the why isn’t important. I just need to make it stop.

I’ve tried a few things to snap me out of this rut.

I bought some new clothes to wear to the box. Yes, that may be a bit shallow, but I have been known to be motivated to go to the box by new workout attire. What is that expression? Look good, feel good, do good? It didn’t work.

I went to a new box last week with some friends. I was hoping that maybe an injection of new coaching or a different style of WOD would snap me out of it. And it was fun. The WOD was great. I left feeling fantastic. Yet, here I sit currently drinking coffee instead of getting my sweat on.

I even went to the globo gym, where I still maintain a membership, and decided to do the unthinkable – run on a treadmill. WHAT? I figured I would find it so incredibly boring that I would be rushing to the box the next morning. And while it was mind-numbingly boring, it didn’t have me rushing to the box.

A friend who knows I’m struggling to find my mojo suggested I look at all of the progress I have made since I began CrossFitting. So last night, I went and looked at all the WOD’s and weights I’ve logged on my iPhone app since I started CrossFit. I smiled – a lot. I liked what I saw. Lots of improvement, lots of gains. And then I cancelled my CrossFit session.

So, I’m coming to you, the readers of WOD Talk, seeking help. What do you do when you are in a CrossFit rut? What got you out of the rut? What brought you back to the box with a renewed spring in your step and a need to get that next PR?

This CrossFitter could use a little help…and quickly.

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