16 Fitness Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Looking at fitness images is one of our favorite things to do here a Metcon and we thought it would be fun to share some of our staff’s favorite photographers that we follow on Instagram. So here are 16 of our favorite fitness photographers on Instagram in no particular order:

Sasha Preziosa – @squatsandpixels

Luke Tevebaugh – @ltevebaugh

A photo posted by Luke Tevebaugh (@ltevebaugh) on

Julie Schuler – @wodarazzi

A photo posted by Julie Schuler (@wodarazzi) on

Scott Brayshaw – @brayshawcreative

Robbie Wright – @rkw

A photo posted by RobbieWrightPhotography (@rkw) on

Karim Safar – @barbellphotography

Boxinsideme – @boxinsideme

A photo posted by boxinside.me (@boxinsideme) on

Charlotte Foerschler – @charlottefoerschlerphoto

QM Photos – @qm_photos

A photo posted by Peter QM (@qm_photos) on

Jay Knickerbocker – @dbthump

A photo posted by Jay Knickerbocker (@dbthump) on

Baw 3 – @baw3_photo

A photo posted by Bruce Williams (@baw3_photo) on

Joy Image – @joy_image

A photo posted by Joyce Silva (@joy_image) on

Linette K – @wodtographer

Dan Wiseman – @focal_point_media

James Stewart – @amrapphoto

A photo posted by Amrap Photo (@amrapphoto) on

Dan Goodman @dangoodmanphotos

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Chris is the founder and owner of Metcon Media, and Creative Director of Metcon Magazine and WODTALK Magazine. He is an electronic engineer by trade, but has a passion for fitness. He is a CrossFit certified trainer, and loves long distance endurance events. He has over 20 years of competitive swimming, running and triathlon training, racing and coaching experience. Chris has competed in endurance events of all distances, including Ironman Coeur D’Alene, Ironman Lake Placid, and Ironman Arizona. Chris began training with CrossFit in 2008, when he realized that the years of long slow distance (LSD) training commonly practiced by most endurance athletes had significantly decreased his muscle mass, strength and power. He created the first functional fitness focused magazine, WODTALK, in 2012.

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