In CrossFit, finish times are noted, personal records are recorded and progress is aggressively sought after, but there are other ways you are probably improving at CrossFit that don’t lend themselves so well to documentation. In what ways are you improving at CrossFit that might not be showing up on the whiteboard?

Ways you might be improving at CrossFit that you don’t notice:

  1. Everyday tasks have become easier.

At some point during your CrossFit progression you’ve noticed that chores became much easier to complete. You no longer fret over taking out the trash, carrying laundry baskets up stairs or carrying heavy grocery bags into your home. These tasks may have caused you pain before, both literally and figuratively, but you hardly give them any thought when you complete them now.

  1. You encourage new CrossFitters.

You can easily recognize that scared, frightened look in a newcomer’s eyes because you remember being there not all that long ago. Now you feel confident enough to offer words of assurance and maybe even some advice. You remember your early feelings of happiness when you completed a WOD or achieved a new movement and now you enjoy seeing the same success happen for others.

  1. Your clothes fit better.

Maybe the scale hasn’t been moving like you expected. Or even the opposite of what you expected might be happening. Your weight might be increasing as you’ve been adding muscle. But the scale might not tell the whole story. You’ve been able to move your belt another notch. Your pants are a little looser around the waist. You’re buying smaller sizes than you have in the past. These changes aren’t necessarily measurable, but they sure feel great!

  1. You’ve become more efficient.

Sure, when you first began CrossFit you focused on completing the movements as quickly as possible.  That was the goal, right? You wanted to finish the WOD in the shortest amount of time. Then you realized your form was crappy. You were inefficient and wasting valuable energy. So you started focusing on your movements and concentrating on efficiency. Now you do each movement with efficiently, not just as quickly as you can. You know in the long run it will pay off.

What about you? What ways have you improved at CrossFit or in your own physical fitness that hasn’t showed up on the whiteboard?

Sarah on the Hot Metal BridgeAbout Sarah: Sarah Warman is a former college volleyball player who decided to try CrossFit as a way to challenge herself.  She is also an active runner, having completed one marathon and six half marathons.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, drawing and gardening.  Sarah and her husband reside in Pittsburgh, PA.  You can find more of Sarah’s insights from her blog

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