It may sound corny or cliché, but I whole-heartedly believe that the things we do inside the gym has direct correlation with how we deal with problems in the outside world.

I have a personal pet peeve, some might call it tough or unfair; I call it life. Taking off weight during a workout, saying I can’t before you even try, or making some excuse for the task at hand.

Life happens, life throws you curveballs, and life definitely kicks you down, hard. Last week we had a workout; it went to the tune of 100 reps of 4 different exercises, one being kettlebell swings. The kick was that if you stopped at all during it you had a 10 burpee penalty (for those who do not know what a burpee is, it’s similar to an ‘up-down’ or an 8 count body builder with only one push up). The 10 burpee penalty is life kicking you down, without a doubt. We knew that no one was going to do 400 reps without stopping, we knew that your forearms would give out, and we knew that it was going to be hard. But how do you respond? Did you go down in kettlebell weight because you didn’t want to do a lot of burpee’s? Did you say that I am fine doing lighter weight, when you know you could have done something heavier but might have had to do 20 more burpee’s? Did negative thoughts start consuming your mind; reasons on why you can’t go heavier or faster? Did you eat something you are not supposed to and now that excuse is creeping in? Or maybe you slept 6 instead of only 7 hours last night.

The big question is, did you accept mediocrity? Did you allow yourself to not give 100% effort and accept mediocrity…

I left three dots there because if you did, make a change, put a foot down and say you’ll never accept mediocrity ever again.

In life problems come about all the time, some small, some major. It is how you deal with them that defines your character. Do you take weight off during a workout because it’s hard? Do you say “I can’t” before you even try? If this repeatedly happens I am going to take a ‘wild guess’ on how you deal with problems that life gives you. about proving me wrong. Check that, not me, how about proving YOURSELF wrong.

It is too easy to hide, too easy to not train or do the right thing when no one is watching. When did you the individual knowing not become enough? When was doing it for YOU not enough? Do it for yourself and no one else. Taking the easy way out will affect no one but you.

Life can be real hard, and so can many things we do in this gym. Don’t take the easy way out anymore. Elevate your mental fortitude inside this gym and I guarantee it will translate to life outside the gym.

By Michael Cahill

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