Metcon Magazine – Issue 1 – July 2016

Welcome to issue 1 of Metcon Magazine. In this inaugural issue we highlight obstacle course racing by learning how the First Lady of OCR, Amelia Boone, approaches training and nutrition. We also interview the co-founder of Spartan Racing, Joe De Sena, to learn about why he created the race and how you can train for it, and elite OCR athlete Evan Perperis explains common OCR training mistakes.

But that is just the beginning. This issue and all issues will focus on improving lifting technique through in depth articles like this month’s look at addressing Common Issues with the Clean, Proper Bench Press Form, Cues and Progressions for the Snatch, and Habits of Highly Effective Squatters.

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About Metcon

Metcon Media is headquartered in Southern California and is a media company dedicated to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through functional training and proper nutrition.
Metcon Media’s functional fitness lifestyle specific agenda gives our readers a variety of training and nutrition related articles, podcasts and video from experts in the field on fitness and nutrition as well as other interviews including breaking fitness and nutritional news, product reviews and advice from certified coaches.

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