Daniel “Boomsauce” Tyminski kicked his heroin habit and steered himself into recovery through fitness. Not too many of us can think of a random meeting that would greatly affect and change the course of our lives. However, Daniel Tyminski had just such a meeting. While serving six years in the 501st Airborne Infantry and a 15-month tour in Afghanistan, he received his first taste of the CrossFit Kool-Aid. Tyminski was working out when fellow soldier Tony Wilson commented that Tyminski looked pretty fit and asked if he wouldn’t mind going through a workout with him. It turns out the workout was good old Linda, to which some also refer to as the “barbell reps of hell.” Linda consists of 10-9- 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of this triplet:

  • Deadlift 1 1/2x your body weight,
  • Bench press your body weight,
  • Clean . of your body weight and storm right through.

daniel-t-1After an hour and a half, a sweating, hurting, triumphant Tyminski knew there was no go­ing back. He loved the wide-open structure of the workouts and found them a lot more fun and satisfying than his old fitness regimens. Little did he know that this meeting and this thing called CrossFit would become his anchor while trying to negotiate a sharp turn away from a dark future.

Tyminski was born in Babylon, Long Island. Growing up, he liked to build model cars and play sports with friends. Always active and dedicated, he says, “I would wake up early in the morning, ride my bike to school and lift weights, then go to practice.” He played football, lacrosse, and ran track throughout his high school years.

After high school, he joined the Army. Tymin­ski admits to not being the most well-behaved soldier. “But I was a good field soldier,” he says. During one incident, he was given a big task for an upcoming mission. When he completed it, his leaders were impressed with his work and a little surprised. He says, “Being a loud and obnoxious kid from Long Island, I yelled, ‘Boomsauce,’” which won him some corrective training and a nickname that would stick with him throughout his Army career and into CrossFit.

When he came back from deployment and was relieved of active duty, he found it troublesome adjusting to civilian life. He began using heroin as a coping mechanism. One year, Tyminski competed in the CrossFit regionals while he was under its influence and surprisingly placed sixth. Suddenly, that competitive streak in him lit like a landing strip on a dark, storm-crashed night, showing him the way. In this case, it was a competition with himself. Could he beat the drugs? Could he use his story to inspire others? Could he make CrossFit his life? He did. He adjusted his path and trained hard. Tyminski says, “I feel that it is important to share my story with the world. I want people to know that you can overcome anything if you want to and that there is hope for anyone.”

It didn’t take Tyminski long to decide his en­tire future rested in fitness. He tried personal training first, earning certifications through the International Sports Science Association, but he got a bad impression that all he had to do was sell fitness to make money. So, Tymin­ski opened up his own box, CrossFit Lindy, in Long Island. It was CrossFit he loved and it was different from personal training. He could put the participants’ health first and make his business a success through caring deeply for his members. He earned his Level 1 CrossFit trainer certification and shared his passion for fitness with others. The gym would also give him something unexpected: A chance to meet his now girlfriend and fellow CrossFit coach Ricklynn Long.

daniel-t-2With his growing popularity in competitions, the gym quickly expanded and he was forced to relocate to larger facilities twice in a short amount of time. Tyminski loved the dual roles of competing in CrossFit and helping others reach their goals.

Training hard and coaching others brought much gratification but little rest, and Tymin­ski’s body was in constant low-grade pain. Then in 2011, he was turned onto a product called LuRong Living Essential that contains velvet deer antler. Tyminski was skeptical, but a fellow CrossFitter spoke highly of the product, so Tyminski gave it a shot. He was surprised how much it helped. He slept better, his body healed faster, and it even seemed to help his strength gains. He was so impressed by it that when Ricklynn was injured while benching, he immediately turned her onto Lurong, and soon she was back to her old self and smashing workouts like nothing ever happened. After more than two years on the product, Tyminski joined LuRong Living as an ambassador. He says, “It’s something every athlete should know about and be taking.” LuRong Living and Tyminski share a com­mon goal of educating people to live healthier lifestyles.

daniel-t-4Put together all the pieces that make up Daniel “Boomsauce” Tyminski and you have a man worthy of the inspiration people find in him. The good-natured, loud, and obnoxious side that earned Tyminski the nickname “Boom­sauce,” paired with a competitive streak a mile long, make him a fun, genuine, magnetic figure in the CrossFit community. Add these contradicting sides to the intriguing facts that he has no real athletic background: no college sports, no gymnastics, and no coached weightlifting. He started CrossFit on a whim and excelled in it even though, at least until recently, he had no coach and was completely self-taught. He is a picture of what a person can accomplish if he or she pursues goals with unwavering dedication. At the end of the day, Tyminski is just a simple guy who likes noth­ing more on a Friday night than to eat dinner and watch a good movie with his girlfriend and his dog.

[author title=”About the author: Dani Rello” image=”https://www.metconfitness.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Dani-Rello.jpg”]Dani was born and raised in Rhode Island and, in 2007, achieved her life-long dream of becoming a state trooper. Her background includes 10 years as a personal trainer and spin instructor and 13 years of Muay Thai and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. In her off time, she incorporates CrossFit with close-quarter combat training and weapons marksmanship with her husband. In 2012, she was introduced to what she calls her “miracle supplement,” LuRong Living Essential. Believing in its power to help her recover from work injuries, she also joined the company to help people achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle.[/author]

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