CrossFit Seekonk is a 3000 sq foot box located in Seekonk, Massachusetts which is about 6 miles from Providence RI, and about 50 miles from Boston, Ma. It’s a traditional sized box without the fancy bells and whistles, other than a PR Bell. What it does have is a very strong community.

TIMG_0080here are currently about 150 members and classes are 5am, 6am, 9am Monday – Friday and classes at 4:30, 5:30, and 6:30. The 4:30pm and 5:30pm classes are usually sold out in advance as is the Saturday classes (9 and 10 am). On-ramp classes are Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday nights. On-ramp classes run consecutively to get the new members acclimated to the environment and get them into the community by the end of the week.  The On-ramp classes have the same two coaches which provide consistency.

What I find unique about CFS is there are two other affiliates within a few miles and several globo gyms (W-Gym, WOW, PF, TF, HealthTrax and a host of personal training facilities all within 10 miles. To do as well as CFS does is a testament to its value and loyal community. Another unique feature of CFS is its statistical data: 5 part time coaches who meet the scheduling demand and all are trained and certified in multiple fitness domains.

By the numbers:

Domain:           6 Coaches Membership 150
CF Level 1 6 Competitors 30
CF Level 2 1 Percentage of membership that compete 20%
CF Kettlebell 2
CF Power lifting 1
Membership: with Certifications  
CF Kids 2


On any given day you will always see more than one coach at the box helping, working out, or mingling with the membership. The coaching staff is diverse in gender, age and experience. We have an adaptive coach who is a real live hero, having sustained a serious injury while in Afghanistan serving our country. Paul D, the owner has a very friendly approach to his members and understands the value of the community. As a part of this writing I asked Paul several questions and this is what he had to say:

DR: Paul, given the membership which has a fair amount of experience how does that play into your programming IMG_0078philosophy?

PD:  It doesn’t, everything we program has scaling options that are already thought about prior to posting to the white board. The more experienced and or efficient athletes adapt well to our programming and the less experienced have multiple options that help maintain the integrity of the workout.

DR:A large number of the membership compete at local competitions,  how do you increase or expand the fitness and abilities of those members while not asking the non-competitors to do more than they can handle?

PD: We have an RX and RXC for most of our WOD’s. For example if Pull ups are RX then RXC could be Ring Muscle ups or bar muscle ups. We have to challenge every level of our athletes from strength to technical to conditioning.

DR: Several months ago there was talk of moving or expanding, is that still on the table?

PD: No unfortunately that deal fell through. When the right spot pops up we’ll be ready! I would love to have a bigger, better facility but it also has to align well with how we do it here.


DR: Are there any plans to add specialty classes (CF Kids, Oly,) to the schedule?

PD:  Yes, we have 2 trainers certified (CF Kids) and we’re just working out the details at the moment. There are kids in our gym almost everyday, they see there parents working out and they pretty much know what to expect. It would be great to be a part of the next generation of athletes. We are also looking to expand our Oly/Powerlifting program, there’s plenty of interest and I see a lot of our members practicing during open gym.

DR: Is there a coaches’ apprentice or shadowing program?

PD: We encourage anyone holding a CrossFit L1 to shadow our coaches. With that being said we typically look for more certifications than just an L1 for our coaching staff in our hiring process. I believe CF does an excellent job with their program, I also believe we as a representative of the CF methodologies want to excel at the basics and build upon that. And to do that, our coaches bring a lot to the table.

DR:  Paul, thank you for your time, your insight and for your commitment to maintaining an excellent coaching staff and a warm community.

By Paul Dumontier and David Roderick

About David: While training for boxing, powerlifting and motocross David learned a lot about the body and how to increase athletic performance. He was always one to share his knowledge and through the years was able to become a certified professional in a number of fitness disciplines. CPT, Kettlebell, Boxing Fitness and CrossFit Level 1, which also includes CrossFit Judge, CrossFit PowerLifting, and CrossFit Kettlebell.

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