As most CrossFitters know, your box is like your family.  You have incredible respect for your coaches, you’ve bonded with your fellow members, and soon enough the box is like a second home.  So what happens when you travel over 5,000 miles overseas and step into someone else’s “home?” My husband and I recently traveled to London and we wanted to try a CrossFit box while we were in town.  We’ve visited other boxes across the US before, but somehow stepping into one in another country seemed intimidating and requires getting out of your comfort zone.

We picked our box (Reebok CrossFit Thames), looked up the best way to get there (on foot and via the tube) and made our plan of attack to join a Thursday morning class.  After getting lost multiple times and missing a critical turn, we finally arrived at the box breathless with just a minute to spare.

Coach Milo greeted us and told us to dive right in with the warm up.  There might have been a bit of confusion on what weights to grab (since everything was in kilograms) but we quickly figured it out and jumped in with the rest of the class.   After the warm up, at least 3 members came over and introduced themselves, which I thought was really nice.CrossfitThames

Then it was time for the WOD.  An AMRAP consisting of box jump overs, dumbbell snatches, burpees, wallballs and pullups.  Basically a lung burner no matter how you looked at it.  There weren’t enough boxes and weights for everyone, but people were more than happy to share and run the WOD in heats so you could use the correct weight.


And when the WOD was over another member came over and high-fived everyone before heading out to start his day.  Milo gave us our pick of t-shirts (included in the drop in fee), we snapped a pic, and made our very sweaty way back to the train station.

Sure, CrossFit Thames wasn’t our “home,” but we certainly couldn’t have asked for a better replacement while we were abroad.

So next time you travel CrossFitters, check out a local box!  You’ll find that it’s really refreshing to step out of your comfort zone for an hour and to learn what other gyms are doing.  And at the very least, you’ll get a cool t-shirt out of it.





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