There’s a saying that goes “couples who sweat together, stay together.”  In the past I used to think that was silly.  I was in a solid relationship with my (now) husband, and while we both liked to be active and go on runs together, we were never THAT couple that wanted to work out together.  And then we started going to CrossFit Vibe.

As any new CrossFitter knows, those first few weeks of CrossFit are hard.  You’re sore all the time, you don’t know the lingo, (what is FRAN?) and you feel like a baby deer learning to walk when you perform an Olympic lift.  I’ve been a CrossFitter for two years now and I still feel like I’m learning new things.

But since my husband and I were in it together, we had a new common bond.  We could commiserate after workouts, cheer each other on through tough WODs, and push each other when we needed it most.  We’ve watched each other improve and hit new PR’s along the way.

One moment that will forever stand out in my mind is 15.5.  I had just gotten through the 2nd row and was in the middle of the 21 thrusters and I just wanted to stop and be done.  But my husband didn’t let me give up, and gave me the moral boost I needed to get through that workout and I was lucky enough to be able to return the favor a few minutes later when he went in the second heat.  And for the record, we have both agreed we never want to do 15.5 ever again.

And the best part of all of this?  We both really do love CrossFit.  We went to a CrossFit box on our honeymoon (shout out to Lahaina CrossFit!) and competed in our first couples’ competition last year at the CrossFit Vibe Spring Fling as team Put a Bird on It.  Bonus points if you know that show reference.

Over the past two years we have gotten stronger, gained confidence and completed things we never thought possible.  We’ve made lots of new bonds and friendships along the way and continue to motivate and inspire each other both inside and outside of the gym.  And that’s what CrossFit is really all about.

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