The Paleo Bar Round Up:  What you should be packing in your gym bag. If you haven’t noticed, there are a ton of “nutrition” bars on the market.  Some are loaded with protein powders and others rely on fruit, nuts and dates as their base.  But with so many bars to choose from, how do you know where to start?

Below are three different brands that I think are some of the best of the best when it comes to a snack bar.  All of these bars are primal-inspired, use all natural ingredients, and aren’t loaded with artificial sweeteners or funky protein powders like others.   Try having one of these bars as a post-WOD snack for some added nutrition to help your muscles recover faster.

Photo Credit: Me Like Bars
Photo Credit: MeLikeBars

The Paleo Bar Round Up

1. Me Like Bars –

Me Like Bars are primal inspired bars made with all-natural ingredients like dried fruit, nuts, and spices.  The bars are naturally sweetened with maple syrup and coconut oil and have no preservatives whatsoever.  In fact, it’s recommended that you refrigerate the bars to keep them fresh.  The bars come in four signature flavors: Apricot, Dark Chocolate, Blue Cherry and Raspberry as well as seasonal flavors (like Mango for spring).  These bars make a great pre-WOD snack if you don’t want something too heavy and also are a fantastic after dinner treat.  All of the bars are grain and dairy free and can be ordered directly through the Me Like Bars website.

Photo Credit Steve's
Photo Credit: Steve’s Paleo Goods

2. Steve’s PaleoBars –

Steve’s PaleoGoods and their signature Paleo Krunch has been around for quite some time, but just recently the company added some protein bars to their lineup.  Each of the four new PaleoBars packs 20+ grams of protein which come from egg whites and beef jerky.  Each bar is free of artificial ingredients and preservatives and comes in delicious flavors such as Chocolate Pineapple, Bacon Eggs & Coffee, Nutty Butter and Pumpkin & Cranberry.   Not only are these bars the perfect post-workout recovery or protein-packed breakfast, but 15% of your purchase goes to Steve’s Club, which provides fitness programs for kids.  Steve’s PaleoBars can be purchased through the website or in select specialty markets.

Photo Credit: RxBar
Photo Credit: RxBar

3. RxBar –

Like Me Like Bars and Steve’s PaleoBars, RxBars are also made with all-natural ingredients, and use minimal ingredients in their bars.  Each bar has egg whites and dates as a base, and has over 10g of protein.  Each bar only uses almonds or peanuts and comes in five unique flavors including Coconut Cacao, Peanut Butter, Apple Cinnamon, Coffee Cacao and Blueberry.  The blueberry, coconut, apple and coffee flavors are also Whole 30 compliant if you are following a strict Paleo diet.  Try the Coffee Cacao for a morning caffeine boost or the Peanut Butter flavor to power you through your day.  All RxBars are grain and dairy free.  You can purchase the bars through the RxBar website or select CrossFit Boxes.

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