Letter to CrossFit: Dear Daniel, Maybe we don’t say it enough but, Thanks. Thanks for keeping CrossFit Chesapeake open and thanks for just being a cool guy. (Some lady told me to say that, she thinks you’re hot, Melissa?)

I wanted to join this gym for years, struggling to do CrossFit in my backyard and at the Y with my kids, thinking how nice it would be to be at a box. But it was always too expensive, or so I thought. So I plodded along at the Y, with folks staring at the corner, where the crazy people were, being ever so careful not to, God Forbid, drop the weights.  So, when my wife said, “You’d like to join wouldn’t you”, I had to restrain my response to, “yes, I think I would”, it was a done deal.

Well, being here has exceeded all my expectations. I hope you do realize I am being quite constrained in my expression here.  When I say, “Every day, Is a PR” I am not kidding. Every day I do something, which I would not normally want to do, but end up doing better than I have ever done it before. Now, when I look down, I can see feet, and see, I do have toe nails on them. I am seeing results I have never seen in years.  I know I am the slowest slug at the box, but no one makes me feel that way.

Ok, let’s talk coaches, great, listen politely, don’t give a shit, and keep going. No, they listen, and watch, always watching, try this, what about that, keep going, and when you are done you get a good job, as the sweat pours into my own personal little swimming pool workout space.  Jeff, says “Yeah Dude, change your diet”, Jessica, says “Yes you can do it keep pushing”, and Vanessa says (with a SMILE) I don’t care you dumb MF, get out and run, and maybe I will let you back in my gym, don’t be using that old guy crap on me, keep going, and wear an extra layer while you wait outside in the freezing cold rain, hmm ok get in here (Ok well she never said ANY of that). Lindsay says nothing, because she doesn’t have to, just stares and yes ma’am and I’ll work harder (and I promise not to put any equipment in the wrong spot, please forgive me).  Chris says, “Climb the rope”, never climbed the rope,” heres how you do it”, I do it wrong way it works, “well try it the quicker way”, no luck, “then why are you looking at me, if it works climb the rope, slacker”.  Ben says something, but I can’t make it out because I am trying to catching my breath, so I don’t pass out. TJ is a Marine, he doesn’t talk just grunts, and I do burpees, and do more flexibility and do more whatever. (Somehow there is a strange satisfaction, imagining that it TJ’s head on the wall as you heft a 20 lb. med ball on it.)

Community, met three or four people at the Y. Meet more people here in my first day, and we all cheer each other on.  That morning class, those are some serious ass kickers, they work out, laugh about it and then go on with their days, like dead lifts, 1000 burpees, and box jumps are what you have before breakfast.  So let’s go easy and do a night class, Jeff is here, crap, I am crying like a girl, but the girls are all doing it,  ok I am crying like a little girl, but the little girls are beating me, OK I am crying like an old fat bald guy OFBG, cause that is where I am at. I thought Jeff was a friend, but no, he is in the A Hole box for last Wednesday’s workout, I left crying like an OFBG.

Now, I have to be on Facebook, to find out if the box is open because of snow. Because if you don’t, you will be wondering why no one else is showing up…and you are sitting in front of the building at 6:15am, hmm new guy syndrome, did not get the message. Got it. Now I am posting, I have never posted before on Facebook. And people have posted pictures of me; I look like Jabba the Hutt with a barbell.  I thought black was slimming, but I guess, not that much.

Oh, Sign up for the “Open”, open what, ok I will, oh that means, Saturday mornings. How much more don’t I know, a lot, but get over it, and don’t give me that get moving. I can compare my calendar times with the times of the other athletes to see Up is the only direction to go. But signing up for the Open changed everything. It helped give a purpose, and a reason for the training, besides boosting my testosterone levels.  It opened me to the broader community. I am not any good, but at least I am there.

“Every day is PR” is not just a little slogan for me.  It’s a pretty profound statement of fact, for me.  Every day is an opportunity to be better, to meet someone new, to do something better, to effect other areas of my life beyond CrossFit Chesapeake, but it found a home here in Chesapeake.  So, Daniel, thanks again for the last six weeks. It’s been an everyday PR for me.

Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Foerschler Photography
Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Foerschler Photography




Brian Lamb, OFBG


PS: Oh Yeah your story is pretty motivating too. I had you beat by 2 inches, but I am gunning to catch up or down to you.  That would be a PR too!



All Photography by Charlotte Foerschler

About Charlotte: Charlotte has been a self-taught photographer since 2008 who started by simply wanting to take great photos of her kids.  She took her first photos of CrossFitters during the cherished WOD “Murph” at CrossFit Chesapeake, and was hooked ever since.  She has captured multiple athletes putting their soul and effort into a workout and has been featured multiple times on the CrossFit main site as well as CrossFit Kids.  She continues to be a sought after photographer and you’ll be sure to see her at events near you soon!

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