Some might say that we are crazy; haters might say that we lack technique. We are masochist, but people don’t understand why we put ourselves trough it every day. They continue to ask why do we keep doing CrossFit?

I think most of us have different personal reasons but I found three universal arguments.

  1. CrossFitters don’t give up. We are no quitters. We push ourselves to the limit, and you can see this mindset in competition or in an everyday workout. If you like resting in a middle of a workout, slow down, take a phone call or dust yourself off so you don’t get your clothes dirty, you probably belong to a regular gym.
  2. It hurts. It is not easy. Breathing, walking, stretching… everything will hurt. But you learn to like that pain. It feels kind of good to take that lacrosse ball and smash those muscles. You will get addicted to it and you will go home with a smile on your face, guaranteed, because you know it was not easy, and all that hurting will lead to glory.
  3. We learn to love our body more. We love our increasing strength and our sweat; our coach that pushes us, our new found confidence, our community and all the athletes that inspire us to be better.

I believe that we do CrossFit because it changes our life; we become better humans and happier people. So don’t worry about what others say and keep doing CrossFit!

About Karina Estremadoyro

Karina is a life and sports coach and consultant. She is a Gold medalist in different powerlifting championships in Peru and 3rd place in the 2005 Latin America Championship. She is also a certified translator and interpreter and a passionate CrossFitter. Follow Karina on:


Instagram: karinameb


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