The CrossFit Open is nearly over. That means it’s that time again for the Cry Me A River (CMAR) Challenge – the competition for everybody in Europe! This time it’s even bigger and better!

Mark your calendars: The challenge starts with a 3 week – 3 workout – online qualification on April 13, 2015 and ends with local finals in 4 different regions on June 06, 2015! Register now on!

There will be no prescribed weights or movements, which only professional athletes would be able to master. The workouts will be demanding but will not overburden any athlete.

Nevertheless there are two different leagues: PROFESSIONAL and EVERYMAN:

The PROFESSIONAL league is made for experienced and ambitious athletes or even those at the elite level. Anyone who wants to measure themselves against Europe’s best athletes fits in here.  The EVERYMAN league is made for athletes who have fun working out and want to be part of the Cry Me A River community. Athletes can test and measure themselves for free against athletes from all of Europe but also against athletes of their box or group!

Attention! Only athletes registered in the PROFESSIONAL league can qualify for the finals! The qualification will be based on the results submitted on time at At the end of the online qualification the best men and best women will be invited to the finals. Athletes registered in the EVERYMAN league will only participate in the online qualification phase! But don’t worry: all athletes have the chance to win great prizes in the lottery! You only have to complete all three qualification workouts and post your score on time on their website.

CMAR offers different age classes, e. g. Elite (17 to 39 years old), Master (over 40 years old) and Master Plus (men over 50 years old). But CMAR is not only for adults: There also will be a Youth age class with their very own qualification workouts and their own finale!

The workouts, along with description and explanation video will be released on the following dates:

09 April 2015, 6 p.m. (CET): Q15.1 – Workout-Qualification #1

19 April 2015, 6 p.m. (CET): Q15.2 – Workout-Qualification #2

26 April 2015, 6 p.m. (CET): Q15.3 – Workout-Qualification #3

CMAR Q15.1 will be announced at the FIBO 2015 in Cologne, Germany at the Eleiko exhibition stand in Hall 7, Stand B39. During the whole FIBO you can do the workout daily live in front of a visitor crowd and win great prizes. So come around, give it all you got and maybe you win the round about 1000€ Eleiko Competition Barbell!

The workouts of the PROFESSIONAL league need to be done in the presence of a judge who will be responsible for adhering to the standards, correct range of motion and number of reps and possibly keep an eye on the time. Furthermore, videotaping the workout is required for athletes in the PROFESSIONAL division and the organizer has the right to demand for videos because of random sample. The presence of a judge for the EVERYMAN league is not mandatory, but it is recommended.

If you want to participate successfully you will need the following equipment:

  • Barbell and weights
  • Concept2 rower with PM3, PM4 or PM5
  • Jumprope
  • Plyobox or similar

The Cry Me A River Challenge will take place in all of Europe. The athletes will be placed in one of the four regions based on their place of residence. Each region will have its own finale with its own winners. The finale will take place simultaneously on June 6, 2015 in the 4 regions:

  •  CENTRAL (Germany) in collaboration with Kenpokan CrossFit Hangover in Hanover, Germany
  • SOUTH (Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Malta) at CrossFit Varese, Italy
  • NORTH (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland) at CrossFit Halmstad, Sweden
  • WEST (France, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Monaco) at CrossFit Bordeaux, France


On top of that, the general ranking will give us the ability to compare all regions and crown the CMAR EUROPEAN CHAMPION OF FITNESS!

Participation in the EVERYMAN league is free of charge, participation in the PROFESSIONAL league will only cost 10,00€. Registration is possible until April 19, 2015 at 0:00 (CET). So register now, show the community what you’ve got and be part of something huge!

If you would like to have more information about the Cry Me a River Challenge and for registration visit!

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