On Saturday, February 21, 2015, Jess Teixeira and Todd Cody hosted the 2nd Annual Jack and Jill Throwdown at their facility: Red Island IMG_7136CrossFit located in Smithfield, RI.  The facility is 7500 sq. ft. of CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting training making it one of the largest in the area. Todd was the gracious and efficient host while Jess was both co-host and competitor.

While the weather outside may have been cold and pretty (nasty to some) with all the snow we’ve had lately, it was very warm and cozy inside. The athletes had plenty of room to stretch as well as warm-up. The competition was well attended by both competitors and spectators.  Each team consisted of one female and male athlete, and had both scaled and an Rx division. It went very smooth and each team competed in 4 WODs plus a 5th and final WOD for the Rx’s top 5.

IMG_7097The final WOD consisted of Grace, (30 clean and jerks), Fran (21, 15, 9 thrusters and modified to toes-to-bar) and Annie (50, 40, 30, 20, 10 double-unders and sit ups), and it was a blast watch as the athletes did their best to get through it. All 5 teams finished well under the 12-minute time cap. Anyone already involved in or interested in trying CrossFit or Olympic weightlifting should check out RICF. Congrats to Todd, Jess, and their team for putting on a great competition!

About David: While training for boxing, powerlifting and motocross David learned a lot about the body and how to increase athletic performance. He was always one to share his knowledge and through the years was able to become a certified professional in a number of fitness disciplines. CPT, Kettlebell, Boxing Fitness and CrossFit Level 1, which also includes CrossFit Judge, CrossFit PowerLifting, and CrossFit Kettlebell.

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