CrossFit boxes seem to be popping up as quickly as new Starbucks locations around the globe. And with the ever growing number of boxes, we seem to have an increasing number of throwdowns, brawls or rumbles – events where you can get together with your box mates and test your fitness. It is no wonder, with the addition of new boxes and new competitions, we see more and more people participating in the CrossFit Open each year. And, as CrossFit evolves, we continue to see changes at the Open level. This year we have the addition of a teen division, a scaled category and the creation of the “Super Regionals.”

But, what if you still want to know how you’d fare against the people in your region, the people you’ve been competing against for the past several years? Mike Mogard, Asia Regionals Champion 2013 and owner of Reebok CrossFit 673, is uniting the community’s efforts to organize competitions in Asia this year with the creation of the Asia Championships.

The Asia Championships will consist of competitors from five sections. The West, made up of: Thailand, Singapore, India and Sri Lanka. The Central section contains: Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, China and Macau. The East is for athletes from the Philippines. The North section will be for athletes from Korea. And the South will be composed of competitors from: Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Guam, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

Photo Courtesy of Melanie Lim
Photo Courtesy of Melanie Lim

The qualifier for this year’s Asia Championships begins with the CrossFit Open.  Top 24 individual men and women from each of the 5 Asia sections will advance to the Sectional round of the competition. Additionally, the top 2 men and women from the Masters (40+) division will move on directly from the qualifier to the Finals.

Sectionals will take place at 5 locations throughout Asia at different sanctioned competitions: Downtown Throwdown (Hong Kong), Thailand Throwdown (Chiang Mai), Beast of the South East (Brunei), Korea Throwdown (Seoul) and the Manila Throwdown (Manila). All sectional events will feature the same programming in the invited RX category, with Mike Mogard  in-charge of the overall programming of WODs for the Asia Championships. Melanie Lim, Director of Media and Sponsorship, said, “We’ve been in constant consultation with Sectional hosts to ensure that the workouts are fair for athletes in the region. Apart from relying on his experience as a competitor and coach, Mike will also be consulting the 2007 CrossFit Games Champion, James Fitzgerald (OPEX), to further refine the programming.”

Upon completion of sectionals, the top 5 men and women from each Sectional will be awarded tickets to the Finals. This will bring 120 athletes (including Wildcards) together to compete for the championship title as individuals and masters.

With the explosion of throwdowns in Asia, Lim said, “We could tell that the momentum was something to be seized. Mike and I have always been invested in growing the community at large, and competition was the best way we knew how. Showing people that there is something to strive for, and giving them the opportunity to stand in the spotlight as they rise to their fitness was one of the biggest reasons for our initiative. Furthermore, having competed at the CrossFit Games Asia Regional thrice, Mike can attest to the excitement and bonding experience that is the Asia Regional; it’s a common platform for the community to congregate at every year, while celebrating the talent and spirit that embodies the CrossFit life.”

Yuko Sakuyama, a competitor and coach from Reebok CrossFit Daikanyama added, “Asian CrossFit has a short history. But our CrossFit community is getting bigger and bigger. Furthermore, we want CrossFit to grow more in Asia but now there isn’t an Asia Regional. So this new competition – The Asia Championships can unite Asian people. It will be a historical event.”

Asia certainly seems excited about this new event. Lim said, “There has been a lot of buzz regarding the competition, but it definitely hasn’t reach the peak of its hype yet. Our most recent video hinting at including Korea as the fifth Sectional received over 10,000 views in a short 2 days after release. We’re hoping to double or even triple this momentum with weekly update shows once registration for Asia Championships open!”

Calvin Yushin Son, CEO of BOXSTAX and host of the North Sectional said, “CrossFit is huge in Korea. The Asia Championships stepped in at the perfect time to provide a real target for athletes to shoot for. The CrossFit Games felt like the cool party that we all wanted to attend, but didn’t get invited to. With the Asia Championships, there’s a party now that we can all attend. Of course, the Korean CrossFit community is excited! I’m hoping that the Asia Championships will serve to bring the Asian boxes and communities closer together.”

While the Asia Championships are still in their infancy, there is certainly a dedicated team to making this an event that people will remember and return to every year. Melanie Lim insists that they are here to stay and looking to the future. “Teams, partners or teen categories are all within the realm of possibility,” said Lim.

For further information on the Asia Championships, you can visit their Facebook page: or their website:



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