By David Roderick

  1. Location / logistics: Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, Ma.  Most prestigious event on the East Coast
  2. Vendor row  (products and services) all the big name vendors in one place
  3. Food: in addition to the hosting facility selling some pretty good food, local healthy meals are available
  4. Viewing: this is not stadium seating like you see at Gillette or TD Garden but if you get there a little early you should see all you want
  5. Music: really good mix
  6. Announcer/MC: Ramiro from radio 94.5 is a Cross Fitter and cool MC
  7. Judges, media and staff: awesome coordination, quick set up and tear down. The judging is very consistent and they know the standards
  8. WODS- entertaining and challenging
  9. Athletes-what can I say, they are the heart and soul of fitness
  10. Ben Bergeron: The guy is humble and awesome. His wife Heather, family and friends have a big hand in shaping his life and they did a great job. Without him, there wouldn’t be an ECC!


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