What would possess a man to do a 24 hour row? The love between a father and a son. On February 12, 2015, Jason Miyagishima  will sit down on a rower and begin one of the longest rows ever completed by a CrossFitter on a Concept 2. He claims he’s just an Average Joe—just a guy who really loved his dad, who wants to honor the father who inspired him, inspire his own son, and raise some money and awareness for the Gastric Cancer Foundation.

He may be a little crazy, but he’s not stupid. Jason has been training hard for this journey that will begin at midnight on what would’ve been his father’s 70th birthday. Jason’s father, Glenn Mitsuo Miyagishima, was always there for Jason, inspiring him and him through his years growing up, playing football and martial arts. Glenn did what dads do—gave him support, inspiration and motivation to train and perform. And now that Glenn is gone, Jason is left to follow his dad’s example for his own son. Glenn Miyagishima

In 2011, the year that Glenn lost his fight against gastric cancer, there were an estimated 74,035 Americans living with stomach cancer. Sadly, there were about 22,220 new cases of gastric cancer reported in the U.S. in 2014. Deaths from this particular form of cancer account for about 1.9% of all deaths from cancer (http://seer.cancer.gov/statfacts/html/stomach.html). Overall, the percentage of people living with and dying from stomach cancer seems small, which is why Jason’s 24 hour row to raise funding and awareness is so important. Losing a father is no small thing.

Of all the ways he could have chosen to honor his dad, why would he choose the Concept 2? Because of the struggle. At just about 5 feet, 8 inches tall, Jason always struggled with the rower or Erg, as those in the rowing world call it. This was something he had to conquer. In Jason’s words, he “sucked at it so bad” that he spent lots of time working to improve—so much time that it’s become close to his heart. It’s miserable, and challenging, and a struggle, much like his dad’s fight against cancer.

Jason has spent months preparing. The desire to complete this challenge has been on the back burner since he lost his father.  The desire to complete this challenge has been on the back burner since he lost his father, but he wanted to be sure that he had fully trained his body to withstand the grind of 24 straight hours. “I’ve completed multiple half marathons and marathons.” He says it nonchalantly, as if he just mentioned a walk around the block with his son. Jason’s son is often nearby, watching this journey his dad is on. Often Jason will find his two-year old sitting on the Concept 2, imitating him. At times his boy sits and watches Elmo alongside him, while Jason pulls through meters upon meters. And Jason will be pulling through the hours on the rower with his dad at the forefront of his mind. Unlike many of us who would welcome the distractions of loud music, movies or television shows, Jason doesn’t want any of those things to distract him from his purpose.

Jason Miyagishima

 On February 12, from midnight to midnight at CrossFit RepScheme, family, friends and members of the box where he coaches will gather to cheer him in support. Some will row alongside him; some will provide words of encouragement to help remind him of the reasons he is rowing. But if you aren’t near Northridge, California, you can still help Jason meet his goal of earning $1,440 for the Gastric Cancer Foundation. (His financial goal is equal to the number of minutes he will be rowing.)

To make a donation to the Gastric Cancer Foundation in support of Jason’s efforts: http://www.mitsuostrength.com/fight-cancer.html

And just for fun, Jason is putting together a sweet giveaway from his sponsors—Setwear Fitness, Vitargo and WOD Gear. In the comments on the webpage of this article, post how many meters you think he will complete in his  24 hour row.

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