Eight years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  I had a 9.6 A1C with an average reading in the high 300’s.  First thing I did was run and educate myself.  I read everything I could on Type 2.  Meanwhile I was put on a typical Type 2 diet and a Molotov cocktail of meds…. no insulin yet.  I managed to lose around 40 lbs and bring my A1C down to 6.8%.

My exercise regimen consisted of walking, 4-5 days a week.  Being only 32 I didn’t want this illness to beat me.  I knew weight played a huge role in fighting diabetes so I went in search of the magic diet that would take this from me.

My window of opportunity was now; before I was so bad I had to take insulin.  Once insulin was introduced it’d be much harder for me to correct years of bad eating and no exercise.  I tried everything! Cabbage soup, HCG injections, Mediterranean Diet, South Beach Diet, Sonoma Diet, Weight Watchers, Nutri System, etc.  All I learned was that I could lose 10-15 pounds and gain them back as soon as I was done with the diet.  My A1C was a yo-yo.  I would go as low as 5.8 at my thinnest (180 lbs) and back to 6.8 at my diabetic heaviest (200 lbs).  This went on for years!

One day I was introduced to my Pastor’s brother.  He had lost 100 lbs doing CrossFit at Corporal CrossFit.  Honestly, the only thing I knew about CrossFit was that I was way too out of shape to do it.  I hadn’t done exercise EVER in my 38 years of life.  I had never played sports.  I walked.  That’s it.  I could walk for miles.  Of course, CrossFit was not for me.  I was much older than his brother – that was for young people who were in shape, as far as I was concerned.

At about the same time a co-worker had introduced me to the Primal Blueprint.  I read up on it.  It seemed simple and the success stories pretty much convinced me to give it a try…. Why not?  I’d tried everything else.  So I did and managed to get down from 200 lbs to 178 lbs.

Feeling energized I went after CrossFit.  The exercises resembled those of the Primal Blueprint and I was so happy with my new diet that I figured this was the obvious next step; until I walked in for my consultation.  What the hell had I walked in to?!  These people were jumping and lifting and grunting…very intimidating.  I convinced myself I couldn’t do this.  I was going to die!!!  This was a mistake.  I should just leave.  Unfortunately I had made the appointment and now I was stuck. And they’d seen me walk in.  I just sat in the corner and waited for my appointment, hoping they’d forget I was there.  I still remember Alex, an athlete at CCF, coming up to me and welcoming me.  He told me this would change my life and that I would absolutely love it.

That was September 2012 and he wasn’t lying.  That day I joined Corporal CrossFit and handed my health, body, mind and diet over to Coach Carlos.  I had told him on November 2013 I would be 40 and my goal was to get off all my diabetes meds.  That was all I wanted.  I was tired of fighting what I thought had become a losing battle.  Coach Carlos put me on a diet regimen and scheduled my first class.

I have never looked back.

I am now 172 lbs and in the best shape of my life, at 40!  The scale no longer matters!  I have been at Corporal CrossFit now for almost 18 months, three times a week, and religiously follow Coach Carlos’s diet regimen.  I was nominated for Athlete of The Year in 2013.  I was Second Place in the Nutritional Challenge in 2013.  I have also been med-free for six months and my A1C is also normal, as if I never had Type 2!

CrossFit helped me take back control of my life.

By Grace Vasquez

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