Over the last few years, I have seen several videos and have read several articles that claim to give the best advice on the Double Under movement. The majority of this advice only touches on one or two aspects of how someone can become better at this semi-complex movement.

I have observed coaches and instructors struggle to verbally explain to the athlete what they are doing wrong. Where as, if done properly, the instruction could be powerful and motivating in a way which would stimulate improvement. I believe every coach has their strengths and weaknesses.

Unfortunately, most coaches do not have a jump rope competition background and are instructing from their own point of view what has worked for them. This method of coaching only works for a small percentage of athletes because everyone has different levels of mental confidence and physical coordination.

My personal experience proves that you have to adjust your coaching method to fit the athlete for the quickest results which minimizes individual frustration. The following steps will give you, as the coach, a new way to approach double under training.

# 1. Get To Know Your Athlete

As stated before, everyone is different. Athletes will come to you with any number of different issues that are going on in their personal life (AKA: Baggage) that can hinder performance. The majority of jump rope beginners, as well as CrossFitters, do not come from a traditional athletic background. So the standard hardcore “just get it done”, “do it this way” method of coaching only brings up negativity which hurts the athlete’s overall training performance.

A calmer less abrasive approach can put you, as the coach, and them, as the athlete, at ease to foster a more dynamic training experience.

# 2. Build Momentum Through Progression

Make sure your athlete can simply jump rope (i.e. do singles). One of the biggest confidence builders is the ability to continuously jump rope without a mistake. So observe their performance and make sure there will be no need for remedial jump rope training.

Once your athlete has successfully demonstrated a good single under rhythm with the jump rope, throw in some variety to mix up their new set routine. For example, have them change their jump rope speed. Then have them progress from a slow steady pace to a fast pace; then, back down to where they started. Next try to start-up a conversation and talk about something distracting while they are jumping. Step up the intensity by having them move from front to back and left to right on command paying attention to their overall rhythm to make sure their transitions are smooth. Finally, have your athlete alternate their feet in a run-in-place style at varying speeds while jumping to demonstrate balance.

Having the ability to jump rope while distracted or moving, shows great progress and should transition well into proper Double Under execution.

# 3. Do Not Put a Time Line On Success

The Double Under is difficult enough for the individual who does not have the movement mastered, so do not compound the training by rushing or presenting an unachievable timetable.

Anxiety and nervous tension will only delay results and discourage your athlete from trying. They will go back to what is comfortable, avoiding what they probably consider to be the inevitable “Failure”.

Your overall goal for your Double Under training session is to have the athlete ultimately coach themselves into successful execution of the movement. Your coaching style and techniques play a big part in your athlete’s performance which will boost their success and add value to your training repertoire.

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