If you do not know, Double Under Training is a game of very small adjustments until your technique becomes as finely tuned as a Steinway and Sons Piano. Your ability to do more double-unders while reducing your fatigue factor is all about efficiency.

The 80/20 rule also known as the Pareto Principle states “that, for many events, roughly 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes”. As this principle holds true in business, economics, and software development; I, too, believe it is true for double under training.

After coaching and observing CrossFit athletes for over two years I can truly say that if you improve or fix 20 percent of your double under technique, you will improve your overall jump rope efficiency by 80 percent or greater.

You must keep in mind that the adjustments are usually so small that most athletes fail to realize which adjustments they have made. For this reason, many athletes fall into a revolving cycle of reverting back to bad habits. Using all of your senses to accomplish your training goals is the key to lasting success.

Every individual has a different road map to their ultimate double under (PR) personal record. Below are three suggestions on how you can accomplish your goals.

1. You must identify your 20 percent that needs to be adjusted. Find a good cable jump rope with efficient handles. A good rope handles about 5 -10 percent by itself. Find a good partner or coach who has an eye for proper jump rope technique and get a few suggestions from them on what changes you may need to make.

2. Learn, Feel, Remember, and then Repeat. Once you get a good rhythm of 15 to 20 double unders in a row, don’t forget it. You want to be able to feel your way back into proper technique if you have not done double unders in awhile.

3. Continue to practice your newly discovered adjustments until they become second nature. You want to be able to do the movement and not have to think at all.

As your efficiency continues to improve, you will undoubtedly start making adjustments on the fly while conducting the movement. The ability to clip your toes and still continue without stopping is an ideal scenario. Efficiency in recovery after a mistake is just as important as a smooth and mistake-free execution.

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About the Author:

Duane Waits is a 12 Year Military Veteran, CrossFit Level 1 Instructor and owner of CrossFit Revealed in Austin, Texas. He has throughly enjoyed his CrossFit journey and has touched many lives with his coaching and instruction.

Duane’s CrossFit Journey began in February 2010 and lead to his certification in July 2010.  He received the honor of leading the Camp Mabry Austin, Texas where he developed his highly effective Double Under Training program.

Drawing on his former Jump Rope Team skills and training; Duane self-published “The Secret To Double Under Success Revealed” which is currently selling on Amazon.com worldwide.

His virtual/online training program is changing the game. CrossFit Athletes now have a real solution on how to overcome the difficulties and frustrations that Double Unders can present.

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