If you think CrossFit isn’t for everyone, you are wrong. Up until high school, I was the typical fat kid. I wasted numerous hours playing video games, eating all the wrong foods, and never cared for any type of physical activities. In high school, I was introduced to football and wrestling. I learned that these sports were a means to ending my unproductive cycle. During the sports season, I was very dedicated and it was easy for me to stay in shape. It was during the off-season that I had trouble staying on track and I would always go back to my old ways.

This vicious yo-yo cycle followed me into my adulthood. I would find myself dissatisfied with my physical appearance and would do everything I could to get back in shape. Once I reached my goal, my dedication to stay that way fizzled out and I would relapse.

One day in February of 2011, my lady disrupted my daily (gaming) session of “Black Ops” and dragged me to my first CrossFit WOD. Man, did I get my a$$ kicked! I came to realize that I was in horrible shape & needed to take drastic measures to alter the course of my life. I continued to CrossFit for 1 month. It was very difficult @ first. I found myself not being able to finish the WODs. I weighed 245 lbs. That was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. So later that year in June, I supported my girl in a Paleo challenge by doing it with her. Six weeks later, I had lost 30 pounds from diet alone.

At the end of the Paleo challenge I weighed 215 lbs. I was amazed with the results & this inspired me to focus on CrossFit. I continued to eat Paleo & invested some serious hours at my box. Four months later, my weight was down to 185 lbs. I have maintained that same weight to the present.

CrossFit has forever changed my life, taking me in a new direction. I am now a certified CF-L1 & CFK coach. I’ve obtained my OLY lifting & movement and mobility certificates as well. I’m currently a coach at Desert CrossFit in Palm Desert, CA. I hope to inspire and help others to reach their health and fitness goals. CrossFit CAN be for everyone. After all, I was that fat kid.

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