My son was born in April 2012, and I was chomping at the bit to lose the baby weight. My pregnancy wasn’t particularly easy. I let having a baby be my excuse to eat a lot of garbage and not work out the way I did pre-pregnancy. All of the things I swore I wouldn’t do before I got pregnant. At 29 weeks pregnant I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I can’t say I was really surprised given all of the processed food I was eating my first and second trimesters, but it was definitely a wake-up call that I wasn’t treating myself, or my baby, the way I should. The doctors put me on a strict diabetic diet and I had to test my blood sugar 4 times a day. Though I followed the diet and did what I needed to do, my body was still in pretty crappy shape. At 39 weeks I was induced due to the gestational diabetes and the threat of my son being born too large. My body definitely wasn’t ready to give birth and I ended up having a C section. Thankfully my son was born a completely health 6 lbs, 10 oz, but my recovery was not exactly what I had hoped for.

Eight or so weeks after my son was born, I started to look into different exercise and diet programs. I knew running and occasionally hitting the weight area in the gym wouldn’t help me shed the 50 lbs I gained during pregnancy. That’s when I saw my friend Nina’s amazing success losing her baby weight with CrossFit on her Facebook page. I reached out to her and got some information and a few days later was in the gym talking to Coach Adrien and watching a class (baby in-tow). I signed up that week, started Elements the next week, 10 weeks post-partem, and haven’t looked back. The workouts were so much more intense than what I was doing pre-baby, and it was so evidently clear how out of shape I really was, but I started seeing results immediately. I lost about 10 lbs the first few weeks, but knew in order to keep up my progress I would need to take a hard look at what I was putting into my body. I don’t mean just watching what I eat, but eating to fuel my body properly, especially for workouts.

In August of 2012 I signed up for Operation Caveman, a challenge put on by the Coaches at CFRR in which they teach you how to make the right food choices for success day-to-day, as well as fuel for workouts. The challenge kicked off with an intense workout, much more intense than the normal WODs we have in our regular classes, but it provided a good benchmark for how we would physically improve over the course of the challenge. Over the next 6 weeks, Coach Anna helped me learn a great deal about my body and what I need to fuel properly, as well pushing me in the gym. By the end of the challenge, I lost over 9.4 lbs, 3.85% body fat, and 13.45 inches. Not only all of that, but I shaved 10 MINUTES off of my benchmark workout. And that was just the beginning. Since the end of Operation Caveman, I’ve continued to lose weight and make great strides in my workouts. I’ve gone from not even coming close to finishing workouts, to not only finishing but performing exercises without modification and with much heavier weight. Before I began CrossFit, I talked to Coach Aggie about goals. I told her I wanted to lose 40 lbs by December 2012. I’m so thrilled to say I’m now 70 lbs lighter than I was right before my son was born, and 40lbs of that was all from CrossFit and my new healthy lifestyle . Needless to say, I hit that goal and I’m 20lbs lighter than I was pre-baby and about 3 sizes smaller. And if that wasn’t enough to make any girl smile, I can now keep up with my soon-to-be toddler who would be running circles around me if I hadn’t have started on this wonderful journey. I can’t begin to thank the AMAZING coaches and community of CrossFit Round Rock. I don’t think I would have the success I’ve had without that wonderful team. Every single Coach at CFRR not only gets to know you, but actually cares and my fellow classmates not only provide inspiration but they are there cheering you along the way. I’m thrilled to have found a home in CFRR, and even more thrilled that I can now be a healthy role-model for my son.

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